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Fairlands News Reel

Hello Fairlanders!

Secret Santa is finally here for those who submitted their desire. The warp for the event is /warp secretsanta. You can find the information needed in a book that I left in your inventory: the person with whom you are paired up, the # of your chest, the # of the chest you need to gift.

  • You will get a gift from Console Santa everyday.
  • If you forget to post your gift, you will be given a coal from Console Santa... If you accumulate more than 3 coal, you will be disqualified from the event.
    So, don't forget to get on everyday!
  • Do not take away items that do are NOT in your chest.
  • All server rules apply!
  • Warning: Unfortunately, if you do not get on by day 2 of Secret Santa, you will be disqualified.

If you ever have any questions concerning the event, you can always message me!

Enjoy everyone!

Hey Fairlanders!

Here's what's going on right now!

A variety of winter builds have been added into the resource world! Winter builds are lootable and have unique holiday items! Players who collect holiday items will be able to trade them in at the end of December!

There's still time to sign up for Secret Santa! Click the link for more details! Secret Santa

Right now there's a Winter Sale! 33% off all items! Fairlands Shop

The Fairlands December Auction will be held on the 30th at 2pm EST. Items will be announced soon!

           Tower Jump will be held at 1pm EST, today and every other Saturday!

The November build contest is coming to an end! December's will be announced soon!

We'd like to thank everyone who supports the server! Thank you for playing, voting and donating! Stay tuned for more updates! Happy Holidays to everyone and we hope to see you in-game!


December 1st

[Owner] Nunk posted Dec 1, 17

Hey Fairlanders!

Sorry for the delay! The resource worlds have been reset! Fresh lands to gather materials!

The reason for the delay is that... we've added bonuses for logging in every day! If you're eligible, the bonus menu should pop up automatically! If you just want to look at some of the rewards, /dailybonus. Better rewards for the more consecutive days you log on! Keep your streak going! (if anything weird happens with it, let us know!)

There will be more downtime tomorrow, December 2nd. From 8am-10am EST, we'll be adding some things cool

Hey Fairlanders!

Just a reminder that the resource worlds will be reset tomorrow. The server will be unavailable from 8-10am EST for some maintenance. (give or take a few minutes)

Further updates on December happenings in the near future!


[Owner] Nunk posted Nov 1, 17

Hey everyone!

It's November now! Here's what's going on!

The resource world has been reset. Time to get your grind on!

Voting rewards will be given out soon, be patient! Just FYI, Planet Minecraft's voting site is currently down.

The Halloween build contest is ending soon.You have until Nov 5th to get your last minute votes in!

Halloween Build Contest Voting

November Build Contest: This month's theme is Food!

The 3rd Fairlands Auction will be held Nov 25th at 2pm EST!

The auction weekend will also be a jobs boost weekend! From Nov 24th - Nov 26th, all job income will be increased by 20%!

Thank you everyone for playing, voting and donating! We appreciate all of the support and hope everyone is having fun!

Stay tuned for upcoming events! We hope to see you in-game!

They are now in your inventory, enjoy :)
I do need a staff member to give me a creeper + skeleton spawner, as I donated for them.
Hi Fairlands! Thank you for having such an awesome server!!!
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