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Fairlands News Reel

December 1st

By [Owner] Nunk - Posted Dec 1, 17

Hey Fairlanders!

Sorry for the delay! The resource worlds have been reset! Fresh lands to gather materials!

The reason for the delay is that... we've added bonuses for logging in every day! If you're eligible, the bonus menu should pop up automatically! If you just want to look at some of the rewards, /dailybonus. Better rewards for the more consecutive days you log on! Keep your streak going! (if anything weird happens with it, let us know!)

There will be more downtime tomorrow, December 2nd. From 8am-10am EST, we'll be adding some things cool

They are now in your inventory, enjoy :)
I do need a staff member to give me a creeper + skeleton spawner, as I donated for them.
Hi Fairlands! Thank you for having such an awesome server!!!
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