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Fairlands News Reel

Hello Fairlanders!

Secret Santa is finally here for those who submitted their desire. The warp for the event is /warp secretsanta. You can find the information needed in a book that I left in your inventory: the person with whom you are paired up, the # of your chest, the # of the chest you need to gift.

  • You will get a gift from Console Santa everyday.
  • If you forget to post your gift, you will be given a coal from Console Santa... If you accumulate more than 3 coal, you will be disqualified from the event.
    So, don't forget to get on everyday!
  • Do not take away items that do are NOT in your chest.
  • All server rules apply!
  • Warning: Unfortunately, if you do not get on by day 2 of Secret Santa, you will be disqualified.

If you ever have any questions concerning the event, you can always message me!

Enjoy everyone!

They are now in your inventory, enjoy :)
I do need a staff member to give me a creeper + skeleton spawner, as I donated for them.
Hi Fairlands! Thank you for having such an awesome server!!!
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